game day with kids by Erica Threet

game day with kids by Erica Threet
College football is in full swing and I am loving every minute of it.
Have you ever thought about taking your kids to a game to start building their love of your team? While fun, do the logistics of all of it scare you?
We have been taking our boys to games since they were 9 months old. I’ve learned a few things along the way and today I will be sharing them with you. 
Here are my gameday (with kids) must haves…
Camping high chair 
Pack n play or outside play yard 
Portable fan 
Breathable carrier 
Seat cushion for you- those bleachers are hard while holding a baby 
Stroller to lock up on a bike rack near the stadium for post game
Ear protection 
Changing pad - not all bathrooms will have a changing table. Be prepared
Toddlers and Older children
Extra clothes - They will most likely get dirty and sweaty during the tailgate
All the snacks - think small things that take a while to eat
Kid friendly tailgate food - popcorn chicken, pigs in a blanket, fruit, uncrustables, cookies 
Gummies/ ring pops for the game
Cars/trucks or something small to play with- take a picture of them all so you know what you need to take back home with you
Ear protection 
Wipes for their hands 
Toilet seat covers 
Football to play with during the tailgate 
Portable potty in case there are not any around your tailgate spot
Tablet or ipad with some movies on it so they can have some quiet down time before the game
    Tips for the game
    If your baby still naps more than 1 time a day, try to have them take a good first nap at home. This will allow them to avoid being overtired at the game. The other naps can be on the go. 
    If you have a toddler or older child, allow them the opportunity to have some quiet time in the car. Turn on the tablet and let them watch a movie. Even this little bit of calm, quiet, rest will be enough to recharge them and help make it to game time. 
    If it’s their first game…stop by guest relations and see if they have a button or certificate for them. 
    Popcorn is a great snack during the game. Ask for a small cup or bring a ziploc bag so you can pour some into it so the whole bag doesn’t end up on the floor.
    The first quarter is usually the best. They are excited and things are new. 
    Around the second quarter is when you may need to break out a snack. I like something that is small and takes a long time to eat…think goldfish, popcorn, gummies. 
    The third quarter is usually when I break out the ring pops. They are typically over the game at that point and ready to go. The Ring Pop will typically get you though the end of the third. 
    Don’t forget to get in a picture with your kids while at the game- and not just a selfie.
    Know when its time to go. You may not be able to make it through the game and that’s okay.
    Make sure to bring pajamas and a night diaper to change into for the ride home. Then when they fall asleep in the car, you don’t have to worry about changing them when you get home. You can just put them straight to bed.
    And finally, let go of all expectations. They are going to miss a nap, get cranky, throw a fit and eat all the junk food. It’s all okay. It’s just one day. Have fun making memories with your kiddos. You can get back on track the next day.
    Much thanks to Erica for joining us on the blog!  "Erica is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She works with families to help their babies and children sleep 10-12 hours through the night. Follow her on Instagram at @onerestedmama for sleep tips and of course game day with her kiddos. If you'd like to learn more about what it would look like to work with her, use this link to schedule a free 15 minute call." 

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